Training for Young Trial Lawyers

Visual Trial Training for Young Trial Lawyers

Prosecuting the visual trial is more than just understanding the technology. It is about having the perspective to tell a better story, keeping jurors, mediators, arbitrators and judges captivated and engaged, and preventing the opposition from misusing technology.

Training sessions by WIN InteractiveRecent discoveries in video analysis techniques can be used to help young trial lawyers forensically analyze surveillance video to better understand the evidence and the objects within the video frame. On-demand custom 3d models can be developed to rebut unexpected testimony during trial. Interactive timelines can help clarify who knew what when. When the opponent attempts to use visual misinformation, the visually literate young trial lawyer is prepared to expose the misuse.

Ultimately, being visual is about being persuasive.

Our unique one-of-a-kind training program in Visual Literacy helps you to not simply understand the available technology, but also with visualization, storytelling, persuasion, and admissibility. One of the most important aspects of the training is our twenty (20) year history of case studies that help you avoid pitfalls in presenting evidence and help to prevent you from being ambushed by your opponent.

Litigating with 2020 Vision: Visual Literacy, Persuasion, and the Visual Trial for Young Trial Lawyers

Visual Literacy, Persuasion, and the Visual Trial (8 Hour consultation)

 $2,500/person (plus expenses)
Additional seats @ $500/person

  • Communication & Storytelling
  • PowerPoint Evidence Presentations – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Surveillance Video Evidence
  • Visual Excellence & Propaganda
  • Maximizing the Impact of Evidence - Case Studies
  • Admissibility & Discovery of 21st Century Visual Aids
  • Building Your Case Presentation - Case Studies
  • The Proper Display of Information
  • Types of Presentations: Vehicular Accidents
  • Tips on Objections and Motions in Limine
  • Data Visualizations,
  • Visualizing Case Theories and Themes
  • Designing Visual Timelines
  • Understanding the Law of Visual Evidence
  • Deconstructing Opponent's Visuals
  • Maximizing Technology to Create Visual Evidence
  • Common Presentation Tools, Closing Arguments & Ethical Issues

Visualization for Personal Injury Presentations (2 Hours)

$1,500/person (plus expenses)
Additional seats @ $250/person

  • ADR Presentation Strategies
  • Build Your Case, Grow Your Damages
  • Building Process Graphics
  • PowerPoint for Trial Attorneys
  • The Law of Visual Evidence
  • Understanding Surveillance Video
  • Video Techniques for Trial Lawyers
  • Visual Strategies for Mediation

Visualization for Business Litigation (2 Hours)

$1,500/person (plus expenses)
Additional seats @ $250/person

  • Understanding Image formats
  • Bringing Documents to Life
  • Building Process Graphics

Training is conducted at a convenient location for you. 

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