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Crimelines™ Training

Crimelines™ is the best interactive timeline software app available to prosecutors, public defenders and law enforcement.   Crimelines™ makes it easy to present cases with complex fact patterns (e.g., homicide cases, white-collar prosecutions, robberies, and drug investigations).  Crimelines™ helps to organize the facts of your case chronologically.  Choose a colorful, clear, professional template to visualize the important events of your case and link events to all of the digital evidence (photographs, diagrams, documents, audio clips, and video files).  Individual timelines can be created for each witness. 

Crimelines™ is revolutionary.
Crimelines™ makes creating and using interactive timelines easy.
Crimelines™ is the best interactive chronological presentation tool available today!

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Crimelines™ Training (4 Hours)
First 10 seats @ $2,500 (plus expenses)
Additional seats @ $150/person

Redesign Service – You Build It
WIN Interactive can review and redesign any of timelines that you create using Crimelines™ (i.e., you build it and we refine it) – starting at $2,500

WIN Developed Timelines – We Build It
WIN Interactive can fully design and develop a timeline for your case (i.e., we build it, design it and hand it off to you) – starting at $10,000

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