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“After twenty years of lawyering, I realize not applying these WIN legal strategies has probably cost me four million dollars of income.” - Lawyer in Boston

Training sessions by WIN InteractiveWhen was the last time you got practical legal training that you could put to use that day making a positive impact to your bottom line?

At WIN Interactive, we specialize in helping you win more settlements and cases, reducing expenses, shortening legal cycles, and generating more future business by promoting you and your firm. We have had the privilege of helping thousands of lawyers (just like the one quoted above) enjoy the professional success that comes from a rewarding legal career. Our clients wish they had access to our strategies, tips and techniques years ago. Take advantage of our training for you, your firm, or your organization.

Our training sessions are fully guaranteed to deliver tactical, practical content that will increase the size of your wins, tell the most compelling story, get the verdict you desire, and teach you how to repeat these successful outcomes time and time again.

We have decades of experience working on hundreds of seemingly simple to the most complex cases. We share this real world experience with our audiences, transforming an otherwise dull training session into an interactive and exciting learning experience with concrete concepts that you can put into practice immediately. We personally guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the results.

For Prosecutors

Visual Trial Training For Prosecutors

Crimelines Training

For Trial Lawyers:

TimeLaw Training

      Personal Injury

      • ADR Presentation Strategies
      • Build Your Case, Grow Your Damages
      • Building Process Graphics
      • PowerPoint for Trial Attorneys
      • The Law of Visual Evidence         
      • Understanding Surveillance Video
      • Video Techniques for Trial Lawyers
      • Visual Strategies for Mediation

      Business Litigation

      • Bringing Documents to Life
      • Building Process Graphics
      • The Law of Visual Evidence

      Intellectual Property

      • Bringing Patents to Life
      • Building Process Graphics
      • The Law of Visual Evidence

      Law Enforcement

      • Visual Scene Documentation
      • Using Visuals for Witnesses
      • Multimedia Criminal Case Studies

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