You just heard the news of a notorious crime. The media is all over it and the details are dribbling in. Your pulse quickens because it’s your office that will prosecute this high-profile case. We help DA's across the country build their most compelling criminal casesWhere do you turn for help in re-creating the crime scene in such a compelling fashion that no one will doubt who is responsible? Where do you go to plan and strengthen your trial strategy to bring the full force of justice to this situation? At WIN Interactive, we are here to help.

We are your best source of experience and knowledge in criminal homicide prosecutions. Unlike most other litigation support firms, we have more experience helping prosecute high-profile criminal cases than any other firm. Criminal support services from WIN InteractiveIn fact, we are the preferred provider of multimedia and 3-D animation services for the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA). We help you and other DA’s across the country build their most compelling cases and win in court.

With a unique combination of know-how and first-hand prosecutorial trial experience, WIN becomes your partner in getting the job done. We provide strategic consulting on evidence issues and also assist you with our full suite of multimedia services to make your story the only one the jury will believe.

Of course, we also do some amazing visual presentations for drug cases, OUI/DWI cases, and white-collar fraud cases. Check out our portfolio for examples of our past work.

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